Cypheros TS Doctor v4 download torrent

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Cypheros TS Doctor v4 Cypheros TS Doctor v4 download torrent

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Create your own movie library, simple, fast and without loss of image and sound quality.

TS-Doctor is the perfect tool for editing and repairing recordings from satellite, cable and DVB-T receivers.


Working with transport flows can be very difficult. Many standard video editors do not handle this file type properly. You may get audio and video out of sync, playback stops, vibrates or playback doesn’t work at all. This is where TS-Doctor comes to the rescue.

TS-Doctor can do it better, faster and without losing quality.

New version features:

The new multilingual setup contains both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of TS-Doctor and is very easy to install.

TS-Doctor now offers the full power of a true 64-bit application.

New audio analysis helps detect annoying ads.

Intelligent data analysis

When opening a TV recording, TS-Doctor performs a rapid in-depth analysis of the transport stream to obtain as much information as possible about the structure, recorded stream and metadata.

Almost all transport stream formats used by current recording devices can be read this way, be it TS, MTS, M2TS, DVR, TS4, TRP, REC, STR or any other related format.

It tries to identify the exact source and format of the recordings, program guides and the best way to troubleshoot and find ads. Most set-top boxes record more than one video and one audio stream.

Commercial Tracking

TS-Doctor uses this additional information and helps you get rid of annoying ads and excessive data, solve streaming problems and format recordings for your video library and better compatibility with current media players.


It pulls information from the program guide whenever possible and saves it along with the freshly cut file so you know exactly which movie or episode you’re recording.

Complete details for your video store.

Video montage

TS-Doctor includes an easy-to-use video editing window to check or improve the results of automatic trimming or to enable manual trimming. TS-Doctor’s simple, fast and lossless cutting can be used even for camcorder recordings, if the recorder format is TS, MTS or M2TS. This is the case, for example, with many models from Sony, Canon and Panasonic.

Change DVB subtitles

Converting DVB subtitles to the most commonly used SRT text format. This makes TS Doctor one of the few programs that can convert DVB subtitles, including color information, to text format.

Error checking

The results page gives you a detailed overview of the amount of data removed and the errors encountered during processing. Even streams are deeply scanned, TS-Doctor is lightning fast.

Extensive error checking guarantees perfect results.

Useful professional tools

TS-Doctor contains many useful tools for working with transport streams. With these tools, you can combine, filter, demulsify, remux or use TS Packet Viewer to inspect the transport flow at the packet level.

TS-Doctor is the swiss army knife for transport flow

Cypheros TS Doctor v4

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