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GoodSync Enterprise 12 GoodSync Enterprise 12 64-Bit chebz Download Free Torrent

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GoodSync is a great software for syncing or syncing multiple folders together. No matter where the folder is, your folder is anywhere, on your personal system, on an FTP server, on another computer in the network, etc., GoodSync can easily synchronize all changes and files from your desired location. For example, you can specify that whenever you add files to a certain folder on your system, delete files, or make other changes, those changes will be reflected in other folders on your system or in other folders. other places we mentioned, and vice versa. If changes are made to the destination folder, those changes will also be applied to the source folder.

In fact, what this program does is store the same content in two or more folders. You make changes to any folder in this group and those changes will be reflected in other folders. One of the interesting features of this software is the possibility of chain synchronization, for example, you can synchronize a folder located on computer A with another folder on computer B, but not directly, but in chain, i.e. folder from computer A You synchronize with a USB flash drive and sync the USB content with folder B on the computer. GoodSync has a lot to say among its competitors and this is a program whose performance you should definitely try once.

GoodSync program features and functions:

Full synchronization of folders, subfolders and files

Automatic change detection, including files created, deleted, and the like

Possibility of one-way sync, useful for backup purposes

Possible chain coordination of different places

High speed in synchronization operations, at the same time low memory consumption

Sync folders across different servers and locations

Possibility of advanced synchronization using filters (e.g. based on volume, modification date and other models)

Availability of a 64-bit version of the program

Ability to specify folders on disk and portable memory by volume name

No need to monitor files

Ability to compress files and folders while synchronizing them

Ability to copy locked files

Ability to set file and folder copy speed

System requirements for GoodSync

Windows XP Windows XP 64bit Windows Vista Windows Vista 64bit Windows 7 Windows 7 64bit Windows 8 Windows 8 64bit Windows 10 Windows 10 64bit

GoodSync Enterprise 12

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